Relationship counselling for individuals

Looking for love, or struggling in relationships? 
​Counselling can help…

Although I can help you in any area of your life, I specialise in working with UK-based people aged 18 and over who are looking for love, or struggling in their relationships, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity or religion.

Are you looking for ‘the one’ but keep falling for the same type of person, kissing too many frogs (or not enough!), or living with the agony of unrequited love?

I know what it’s like to have your heart broken, feel used, and be cheated on; to fancy someone from afar only for them never to notice you, and start believing that you’re unlovable and destined to be alone forever – because I’ve been there (and got a large collection of t-shirts to prove it!).

Or maybe you’re already in a relationship, but are finding in unfulfilling and don’t know what you do? Yep, I’ve been there too!

There’s lots of information out there about how to snare the person of your dreams (which very rarely work btw – yep, I’ve done the leg-work!), or how to have the perfect relationship, but instead of following a set of rules, how about giving counselling a go?  It’s the only thing that helped me, and now I want to be able to help you.

Counselling can help you to:

Find the real you
By learning to understand who you are and what you want, you’ll gain a better perspective of what you are looking for in someone else.

Understand what love is
By identifying how you think about love and relationships, counselling can support you to overcome any beliefs that may be influencing how you approach relationships or the type of person you are attracted to.

Overcome the issues that are keeping you stuck
Finding love isn’t about how attractive or intelligent or wealthy you are.  It is often things such as low self-esteem, attachment issues, control issues, or unrealistic expectations that can stop you finding the love you are looking for.  Exploring these issues in counselling can help you to change the way you relate to others and give you a new-found confidence when it comes to love and dating.

Differentiate between what you think you want and what you actually want
Do you want to settle down and get married because that’s what your parents think you should be doing?  Are you sleeping around because that is what your friends think you should be doing?  Counselling offers a space for you to explore what it is that you’re actually looking for instead of what others are wanting for you. 

I can’t promise to find you the person of your dreams, but I can support you to become the best version of you, your authentic self, to give you the freedom and clarity that will help to bring the right kind of love into your life.

© Becky Stokes 2022

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