The 6 causes of work-related stress

In my last blog, we looked at the signs of work-related stress, but what are the causes? The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) outlines six areas which can cause stress in the workplace:Health & Safety Executive. 2019. Work-related stress and how to manage it. Demands Control Support Relationships Role Change Let’s look at theseContinue reading “The 6 causes of work-related stress”

5 ways to tell if your work-related stress is a problem

A bit of stress at work can be motivating – a little pressure can make you more productive and give you a sense of achievement.  But what happens when that stress gets too much? Here are 5 indicators that work-related stress may have become a problem: 1. Having negative thoughtsYou feel unhappy, sad, or evenContinue reading “5 ways to tell if your work-related stress is a problem”