Video counselling

Video counselling can be more accessible and convenient than face-to-face counselling.  Benefits include:

  • Comfort – sessions take place in the comfort of your own home where you are in familiar surroundings
  • Convenience – it cuts out the time and cost of travelling to and from sessions
  • Accessibility – it eliminates any access problems that would prevent you from attending face-to-face
  • Choice – it allows you to see a counsellor outwith your local area
  • Continuity – you can continue to see your counsellor even if you are away from home (e.g. work, holiday, etc)

But there are some points to consider:

You will need to ensure there is a time and place each week where you would be able to attend sessions without interruptions.   You may wish to use headphones.

It can help if you think about where you will be for our sessions, preferably somewhere comfortable which feels secure to you – free from distractions and interruptions.
Please note that I only offer video counselling to those based in the UK.  This is because laws governing counselling can differ outside of the UK.

You will need to have a reliable internet connection, and ensure the device you wish to use is plugged in or fully charged.  If you have any questions or concerns about using technology to access counselling sessions, please let me know. 

All video sessions will be conducted via Zoom.  I choose to use Zoom as it is both secure and GDPR compliant, providing a safe, confidential space that gives the same peace of mind as if we were face-to-face in the same room.  I use the ‘waiting room’ feature that ensures no-one can access the session without my permission and, once in the session, I also ‘lock’ the room as added security to prevent anyone else from entering.

For information about Zoom’s security and GDPR compliance, see their GDPR statement: and Privacy Policy:

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