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Fear of commitment

Do you keep finding yourself in relationships (and subsequently getting hurt) by people who are scared of commitment?  Or maybe you’re one who is scared of committing to anyone? In this blog, we’re going to have a quick look at why this may be the case. Signs someone has a fear of commitment: Very keenContinue reading “Fear of commitment”

Learn to love your inner critic and become your own best friend

In my last blog, I talked about how your self-esteem can affect your love life, but of course if can affect every area of your life – so today I’m going to talk about your inner critic. Your inner critic is that voice inside your head that tells you you’re worthless.  It takes great pleasure inContinue reading “Learn to love your inner critic and become your own best friend”

How to ease the struggle of getting out of bed in the morning

In my last blog I covered some ideas that may help you get to sleep at night, but sometimes the thought and effort of getting up in the morning to face another day can be difficult. I’m not a morning person, so it is something I’ve personally struggled with – leaving getting out of bed untilContinue reading “How to ease the struggle of getting out of bed in the morning”

Behind the curtain – busting those counselling myths

Because counselling happens behind closed doors, it can seem to be shrouded in mystery, so in this blog, we’re going to do some counselling myth-busting! By addressing common misconceptions associated with counselling and therapy, I hope to take away some of the mystique and leave you feeling more informed and enlightened! So here we go….  There mustContinue reading “Behind the curtain – busting those counselling myths”


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