Fear of commitment

Do you keep finding yourself in relationships (and subsequently getting hurt) by people who are scared of commitment?  Or maybe you’re one who is scared of committing to anyone? In this blog, we’re going to have a quick look at why this may be the case. Signs someone has a fear of commitment: Very keenContinue reading “Fear of commitment”

The truth about ghosting

“Ghosting: the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.” Oxford English Dictionary Ghosting has become a common way of ending a relationship, but why do people ghost, and what effect does it have on the person doing the ghosting and on the person on theContinue reading “The truth about ghosting”

Learn to love your inner critic and become your own best friend

In my last blog, I talked about how your self-esteem can affect your love life, but of course if can affect every area of your life – so today I’m going to talk about your inner critic. Your inner critic is that voice inside your head that tells you you’re worthless.  It takes great pleasure inContinue reading “Learn to love your inner critic and become your own best friend”

How your self-esteem can affect your love life

We’re so good at giving love to others, but not always good at giving the same love to ourselves. But why? I spent most of my teens and early 20s hating myself.  I didn’t believe I was worthy of love, or anything else for that matter – I didn’t think I was pretty enough, IContinue reading “How your self-esteem can affect your love life”